GapGun showcases enhanced flexibility with exclusive preview at Control 2015

Published on: 30th March 2015

The award winning Third Dimension team will go to Stuttgart this year to exhibit at Control 2015, not just with quality in mind but also a distinct focus on providing an unmatched level of flexibility to its key markets. Third Dimension manufactures the leading GapGun range of handheld, profile measurement systems.

Following the success of last year’s GapGun Pro launch, is an exclusive preview to Control Show  2015, of its Inline View concept; a brand new software module that works in sync with GapGun Pro to deliver real time measurement data and quality management on the production line. Inline View is due for release later this year.

Last year, Third Dimension showcased the GapGun Pro as best and most flexible system on the market for speed, ease of use, portability, ruggedness, processing capability, sensors technology, Wi-Fi links and battery capacity. This year, Third Dimension has further developed the system’s ultra flexible design and capability with the introduction of Inline View.

Application of Inline View will be rolled out to major manufacturers globally, particularly suited to the fast paced, high volume production lines. Readings are taken in real-time and instantly displayed on a screen to show whether a particular car has passed quality tests.

Benefits of the new ultra flexible GapGun solution includes:

  • The ability to measure extremely complex features, customisable to measure virtually any surface or shape.
  • Total integration with customers’ existing systems and software to facilitate improved processes.
  • Product quality management for manufacturers, using for example Inline view and advanced data logging.
  • Complete autonomy with built in Wi-Fi.
  • A range of VChange measurement sensors that offer 4 different field of view options, which can be interchanged quickly and easily.
  • Uniquely adjustable laser cap to configure a short or split laser line to measure a range of complex features.
  • Rotating sensor heads and removable standoffs for better positioning.
  • Easy to view, high definition colour touch screen, with quick visual guide for the operator.
  • Optimised processing power for fast throughput.
  • Instant data for an enterprise wide impression of how quality is being managed.
  • The ability to view performance without disrupting the operator.

Third Dimension has a long track record of supplying metrology equipment and services to the largest names in aerospace and automotive worldwide, such as Jaguar Landrover and Airbus. It has the capability to help manufacturers around the globe realise the benefits of non-contact measurement and can integrate seamlessly with customers’ own systems. 

John Kane, Chief Business Development Officer of Third Dimension, said:  “Our product development is entirely driven by customer feedback therefore we have responded by making the GapGun even more flexible and powerful than ever before. We look forward to showcasing this at Control 2015.”

Control is the top international trade fair for quality assurance at Stuttgart, Messe, Germany. Third Dimension will be demoing at booth 5130, Control from 5 to 8 May 2015.

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