Published on: 8th April 2015

Universal Engineering, a specialist in the fields of aerospace, oil and gas, defence, and marine, has added the largest FICEP Gemini Machine in the UK to its new factory in Llantrisant, Wales.

The Italian made FICEP Gemini, which is a CNC Gantry plate fabrication centre is now fully operational and will help support the needs of Universal’s aerospace customers.

The centre, which has a bed size of 15m x 3.6m and a longitudinal feed of up to 20 metres per minute and a cross bed feed of 32 metres per minute makes for rapid production of steel profile blanks. It has two tonnes of clamping force during milling operations, where a 6000 RPM milling head can mill, drill, engrave and tap plate thicknesses from 4mm to 127mm in addition the machine has a HD plasma head with a five axis bevel and a oxy acetylene head that can both pivot +/- 45 degrees.  This is perfect for flame cutting complex shapes and creating special edges ready for weld preparation.

The machine has dramatically improved the company's efficiency in material utilisation, transportation and labour costs.

Mark Holland, Universal’s Sales and Marketing Director said:  “We are very pleased with how versatile and efficient the Gemini is. With its ability to produce very accurate profiled parts with multiple features in just one set up makes it a key differentiator in the market.”

FICEP Gemini specifications:

Bed size: 15m x 3.6m x 0.65m
Longitudinal feed Max – 20m/min
Cross bed feed max = 32 m/min
400 Amp HD Plasma Head +/- 45 degree (5 axis bevel)
Edge cutting max = 80 mm Thick
Internal cutting = 50 mm Thick
Oxy Acetylene Head +/- 45 degree (flame cutting)
Max cutting = 127 mm Thick
6000 RPM Milling Head (profiling/pocketing/tapping/engraving/drilling)
2 tonne Clamping force during milling operations