The next PEMC Industrial Solutions event is scheduled for 18 September 2019 and is focussed on (but not exclusive to) the marine tech sector

Published on: 12th August 2019

How do your Products Perform in Harsh Environments?
(part of the PEMC Industrial Solutions event series (2018 – 2020))
Wednesday 18 September 2019 (09.30 – 13.30)
University of Plymouth
How can Electron Microscopy be used to support companies in the marine tech sector? The marine environment is one of the harshest settings that we operate in; constant pressure, loading, corrosion, to name just a few issues – so having a way to understand precisely how your company’s materials, components and products perform, their limits and capabilities, is key.
Join us in September for the fourth in our series of PEMC Industrial Solutions events to hear from a selection of our industrial partners who have used the power of Electron Microscopy to work out what is happening to a variety of their materials exposed to the marine environment – along with a specialist speaker from ZEISS, the manufacturer of our newest instrument (FIB-SEM), who will be demonstrating the value of 3D microscopy for offshore industries, focussing on welds and coatings.
For more details, click here – as we will also have speakers from Innovate UK (the latest funding and support opportunities for industry) and the MBTC (Marine Business Technology Centre) project which is also designed to support eligible Devon companies.
Funded by ERDF and the University of Plymouth, the PEMC Industrial Solutions series is designed to show Electron Microscopy in context; to demonstrate how valuable it is to industry, either as part of problem solving, new product development or quality assurance. Each event is designed to be informative, relevant and brief; packed with useful information to inspire!
Book now! – and there is also the option to stay a little longer for a demonstration of our latest instrument’s capability; the FIB-SEM (focussed ion beam – scanning electron microscope) which is currently available for Devon SMEs to use for free (until April 2020).