Video gaming technology comes to the aerospace industry

Published on: 15th January 2014

AERTEC Solutions homes in on the United Kingdom and with the help of Airbus, commences a pioneering project to apply video game technology to the aerospace industry

The multinational aeronautical engineering firm makes an impact on the British aerospace market with the launch of a project that aims to adapt video game technology and its virtual reality applications to digitalise knowledge and management processes in aircraft manufacturing plants. 

The project is being undertaken along with EADS Innovation Works UK, the technological subsidiary of EADS-Airbus, and the prestigious Cranfield University, that boasts a longstanding tradition of research in the UK aeronautical field. 

The initiative seeks to investigate video game technologies and establish new practical applications that may be adapted to the aeronautical industrial sector. Furthermore, it proposes the development of technology demonstration and prototypes that may endorse a new technology, whose final product is destined to be exploited by AERTEC Solutions in the international market.

Being awarded this contract has both secured and strengthened the expansion of this global enterprise in the British market, where its new office in Bristol was inaugurated at the start of 2013.

Given the great strategic importance of the British market in this specialised branch of aerospace, a section of the General Management of this firm, with projects across the five continents, has relocated to Bristol.

Growth in the British market is an integral part of the firm’s plan to expand internationally. It strives to both stabilise and spread its presence across Europe and North Africa, expanding its business activity throughout new critical places of interest, such as South America.