WEAF Announces Gala Dinner Charity

Published on: 25th July 2023

WEAF is pleased to announce its Gala Dinner charity; ‘Flying Scholarships for Disabled People’.

This year’s WEAF Gala Dinner, to held on the 30th November in Bristol, will see the South West’s Aerospace, Defence and Advanced Manufacturing community donate to help make a difference to the lives of disabled adults.

WEAF is thrilled to extend its support to this tremendously worthwhile cause, enabling disabled individuals to partake in the exhilarating joy of flight. Through this initiative, men and women with disabilities will not only gain a newfound sense of freedom, but will also have the opportunity to acquire invaluable new skills and cultivate unwavering confidence.

Over the last 40 years, the FSDP Charity has provided flying scholarships and has enabled nearly 400 disabled adults across the UK to change their lives for the better through the thrill of aviation.

Empowering disabled individuals

The primary goal of FSDP is to empower disabled individuals by breaking down barriers and promoting inclusivity within the aviation industry. Through their comprehensive training programs, they offer disabled candidates the chance to experience the thrill and freedom of flight, while also developing important skills and boosting their confidence.


Colin Turner, WEAF CEO states:

“Aerospace is at the core of South West Advanced Manufacturing. So, the donations received from the aerospace community are invaluable and will enable the FSDP to do what they do best; make a real difference to the lives of disabled adults through life-changing aviation experiences. We are sure that all the attendees will give generously.”


Helen Webb, FSDP Trustee says:

“The aim of a scholarship is to both challenge and inspire, building up confidence, self-esteem, and future aspirations. It is truly a life-changing experience that helps people achieve their potential, no matter what disadvantages they may face in their lives”.

WEAF Gala Dinner to support FSDP
WEAF Gala Dinner to support FSDP
WEAF Gala Dinner to support FSDP
WEAF Gala Dinner

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