WEAF CEO Colin Turner Awarded Fellowship by the Royal Aeronautical Society

Published on: 16th July 2019

The West of England Aerospace Forum’s CEO Colin Turner has been awarded a Fellowship by the Royal Aeronautical Society.

A Fellowship in the RAeS is the highest grade attainable and is only bestowed upon those who have made outstanding contributions, attained a position of high responsibility, and/or have long experience of high quality in the profession of aeronautics.

The Royal Aeronautical Society was established in 1866 to further the ‘art, science and engineering for aeronautics.  The Society has been at the forefront of developments in aerospace ever since and is the world’s only professional body dedicated to the entire aerospace community.

Whilst working at Leonardo Helicopters, Colin was part of an innovative multinational team that developed the “Project Zero” the world’s first electric tilt-rotor concept. The Project Zero team won the Royal Aeronautical Society team gold medal for innovation.

“Colin commented on the award: – It is a great honor and humbling experience to be recognised by the Royal Aeronautical Society. I have always been fascinated by engineering and aerospace ever since I was an 8-year-old, fascinated by watching, live, the moon landing of Apollo 11.
 Innovation is at the heart of aerospace and I will continue to support my colleagues and the industry in developing new ways to move humans across the planet and beyond. My thanks again go to the Royal Aeronautical Society for the award of the Fellowship.”

We at WEAF would like to congratulate Colin for his life-long dedication to engineering and aerospace.